Zen and enlightenment

I would feel enlightened when I would not think so much about Zen or enlightenment anymore.
Not actually stop thinking, but just being here and now, being me as much as I can be, doing things not because of some reason, but because that is who I am.

My main obstacle right now, how to get to not thinking about it? There’s this conversation in my mind that is constantly chattering. Almost impossible to turn off. This inner dialog, brrr.
Not having this noise in my head, just being here, acting without acting? Sounds like enlightenment to me! At least it sounds like bliss 🙂

I guess this is why I sit. Every day now, about ten o’clock in the evening.
What I hope to get out of this is that this turmoil will quieten down some.
Maybe I’ll start doing half hours before I usually wake up in the morning? Hmm….maybe….
I’m not really a morning person, I like my sleep, my warm and cosy bed….excuses excuses…
So, yeah, maybe…